Sunday, July 17, 2011

Banks and Baseball in Nebraska on Postcards

Within the last year I purchased a large collection of Nebraska postcards in which the collector obviously had several main interests: Nebraska banks, Solomon Butcher, baseball, sports related views and Nebraska University Football. There were over 220 different views of banks for all over Nebraska and over 30 different views of small town Nebraska baseball teams.

Today I am posting a view of one of the smaller town's banks at Cedar Rapids, Neb and a view of a baseball team from Western, Nebraska, a small town in Southeast Nebraska.

Banks were an important part of Nebraska communities in the early years of a towns beginning. A bank meant that business and farming would be able to grow if a bank was invested in the town. Money deposited in the bank proved the town was growing and that the area had promise. Interestingly, the collection of banks represents many different types of banks: National Banks, State Banks, County Banks, Merchants Banks, Farmers Merchants Banks, German Banks, Commercial Banks and Banks with independent names representing a name or town.

The First National Bank at Cedar Rapids doesnt appear to be in operation today but I wouldnt be surprised if this sturdy little brick building is still standing. This real photo postcard was mailed in 1910 and was probably created by Gustav Olson of Plattsmouth, Neb (Olson Photo Company).

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This view of the baseball team at Western, Nebraska was mailed in 1909. Baseball has been America's past-time for many years going back to the mid 1800s. We see views of these local town teams in competition with neighboring communities during the golden era of postcards circa 1910. My favorite views like this shows the men with their occupation on the front of their baseball jersey. One such card had men with "Butcher, Baker, Blacksmith" and such, on the fronts of their shirts. I have seen other cards with the names of businesses on the front as a form of advertising for such establishement. Western is located in Saline County near the communities of: DeWitt, Dorchester, Swanton, Tobias, Wilber, Friend, Crete and Fairbury.

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